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What DOES a “Construction Craft Laborer” do?


What DOES a “Construction Craft Laborer” do?



UNDERGROUND Construction

 Laborers working on an underground crew may install water distribution systems, natural gas distribution systems, sewer systems, storm drainage systems, telecommunication cables, or work on tunneling projects.


Highway Construction

Laborers working in heavy highway construction may install underground drainage systems, or place concrete or asphalt. Laborers are also used to place barricades and direct traffic.


COMMERCIAL Construction

Laborers working in commercial construction may place concrete or provide on-site preparation. This area of construction also commonly requires laborers to perform tasks that use construction math, scaffold assembly, and blueprint reading.


Environmental remediation

In this area of construction, a laborer may remove asbestos, clean up hazardous waste sites, remove lead-based paint, or work on a nuclear power plant decommissioning project. Laborers working in this category are required to be formally trained in the appropriate work area and adhere to strict safety requirements.

What is MLTAI?

Our Information

Who Are We?

  • Michigan Laborers Training and Apprenticeship Institute (MLTAI) is a non-profit training facility that is jointly administered by management and union labor.

Where are we Located?

  • There are four state-of-the-art MLTAI locations to serve the training needs of Michigan Laborers. For addresses and other site information click here.

What Do we Do?

  • We provide training so that laborers who are new to the trade can acquire the necessary skills to enter the construction industry with a degree of confidence, and experienced laborers can update their knowledge as technology and work practices evolve.

Whats the Cost?

  • MLTAI offers this training to union Construction Craft Laborers completely free of charge. In fact, Laborers who attend training receive a travel allowance to help offset travel expenses.


What Drives Us?

Our Mission

Michigan Laborers Training and Apprenticeship Institute (MLTAI) is dedicated to the development of safe, skilled, and productive Construction Craft Laborers who have the expertise and motivation to provide quality to the clients they serve, the union they represent, and the contractors who employ them. Using state-of-the-art technology combined with activity-based, student-centered learning processes, our ANSI-certified training staff is committed to mentoring and training a diverse group of apprentices and journey workers.”

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