Things to Remember

✔ Refreshers are notified THROUGH THE LOCALS. You must have proof of initial training BEFORE being scheduled for a refresher. Please DO NOT submit an application for refreshers. If your initial training was completed (or refreshed in the past year) at MLTAI, you should be notified through the Local for your refresher.
✔ To avoid the late fee charge for Asbestos STATE cards, you should send in your application and money due to the Asbestos Department BY THE DUE DATE. If your refresher is not due before this, your $25 will be refunded (upon request) by the training fund.
✔ Classes are notified from applications approximately three weeks BEFORE a class is scheduled to be held. If you are not selected, your application will stay on file for AT LEAST SIX MONTHS.
✔ If you are selected, our office WILL NOTIFY you. There is no need to call the office to inquire if you have been selected or notified.

Thank you for allowing us to meet your training needs

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